The draft law "On general principles and standards of organic production, circulation and labeling of organic products" is registered in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Parliament) under the number 5448


The draft law "On general principles and standards of organic production, circulation and labeling of organic products" is registered on 24.11.2016 in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Parliament) under the number 5448.

On this occasion, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Taras Kutovyi said: "We have made the next step in the implementation strategy of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food "3 + 5" and in the action plan of the Government. Ukraine has a unique potential, which is used only for 10% today, to produce organic products. The Law creates additional opportunities for the development of this industry. In general, the Law will increase the competitiveness of domestic organic products and expand its sales on foreign markets. The law will ensure consumer confidence in products labeled as organic, that will positively influence on the protection of organic market operators from unfair competition and guarantee transparent conditions for business activities in the production and circulation of organic products."

The key organic market players commented on this event in the following way:

  • Olena Berezovska, President, Public Union of Certified Organic Producers "Organic Ukraine":"This draft law and its process can be safely set as an example of the regulatory document which is important for the economic development and created in cooperation of the government of Ukraine as a party who has the right to form these documents, and the citizens of Ukraine who have the right to influence on the decisions of the Government. The most important fact is that together we set the main objectives - to make regulation of the organic market of Ukraine harmonized with the norms and standards of the EU legislation, which further will give reasons for mutual validation of legal acts of organic production between Ukraine and the EU, and save that "organic" potential and each organic operator that have already existed more than 10 years in Ukraine. The latest market analysis shows that the key to successfully developed sector is increasing, even forming the confidence in organic products on the part of consumers and to organic production on the part of farmers and investors. This draft law ensures these issues, creating a clear opportunity to trace the whole process of organic production and providing free access to the Register of organic producers and certification bodies, clear responsibility for violation of legislation in organic production on the part of all market players and clear and secured by state labeling of organic products to the ultimate consumer. These accents which are important for me as for a representative of the interests of PU "Organic Ukraine" to the public authorities, will strengthen fair competitiveness and positive image of organic products on the domestic as well as on foreign markets, that will allow the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine confidently put organic production in the implemented priorities of agrarian strategy of Ukraine."
  • Sergiy Galashevskyy, Director, certification body "Organic Standard": "Good news! The Law will regulate domestic organic market and provide further dynamic development of organic production in Ukraine. It is important that the Law will not create additional barriers for export of organic products from Ukraine with EU standards."
  • Kateryna Shor, Manager of agricultural projects, Information Center "Green Dossier" "We hope for a rapid passing and approval of this draft law by the Parliament and the President. As on the one hand, the implementation of this law will allow to increase the competitiveness of domestic agricultural producers and open new routes to the EU markets, where organic products are in a great demand ,and  on the other hand, it will provide more guarantees to consumers of the quality and benefits of organic products through control mechanisms which are described in this law and accountability of producers."
  • Kseniia Gladchenko, Director, consulting body "QueS" "The process of the new version of the Law of Ukraine "On general principles and standards of organic production, circulation and labeling of organic products" was launched in summer in 2015. The group of experts united with one purpose - to draft the law so that the regulatory framework introduced in Ukraine as much as possible fulfill international organic production practices and legislation of the European Union - the largest trading partner of Ukraine on organic products. We believe that the adoption of this version of the law is a great achievement for the whole organic sector in Ukraine. Thank you for the effective cooperation with all involved parties. From our side we will do everything possible in order to improve this law in the future and that it will protect the interests of the organic sector in Ukraine."
  • Olena Stretovych, Director, Ltd "Organic Milk":"It is great that it finally has happened! Ukraine has a huge potential for the production of organic products, and also able to provide wide range of products, and as a result, organic agriculture could become a promising area of economic development and directly affect the image of our country. However, one law is not enough! It is necessary to promote organic products through the information in the media, through the courses in educational institution and schools. Health of future generations and preserving the environment is a small but very important thing that we, organic producers, do and will do for the prosperity and welfare of our nation!"
  • Valentyna Sabelnikova, Director, organic farm «Organic Villa» «Depending on how long the created laws are passed in our country, we, manufacturers, cannot wait. Every day the new prefixes to the names of food products appear misleading the consumers. This is done deliberately in order to get profit. It is a problem that the producers of aggressive farming and production undermine the organic market, but the fact that each day a significant damage to the health of children is made, makes it a tragedy. So, personally I implement and will implement elucidative and educational work in social networks and publicly. I appeal to organic producers and all concerned citizens to identify those producers who label their products with the prefix "Eco", "Bio", "Natural" etc. to take pictures and put them into networks with comments. Therefore, we will quickly to put things in order from the inside."

Nataliia Prokopchuk, Project Manager, Swiss-Ukrainian project "Organic Market Development in Ukraine", Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), commented: "It is important that the new organic law, when it is completed in the committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and resolved, will be able de jure and de facto regulate the organic production and consumption and promote the organic market development in Ukraine. So far as consumers’ protection and protection against unfair competition are key objectives of the direction which the citizens of Ukraine have chosen. Ahead, a lot of work must be done to develop by-laws and implement the law that requires joint efforts of public authorities, non-governmental organizations, private enterprises and international projects / partners."