International Conference "Organic Agriculture BIOSummit 2016"

International Conference on Organic Agriculture BIOSummit 2016


On November 14 - 15, 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic, Ministry of Agriculture (Tesnov 17, 117 05, Prague 1), Conference room BIOSummit 2016))   International Conference "Organic Agriculture - the Potential and Challenge for the Future" took place.

The aim of the Conference was to link the key personalities among farmers, politicians, businesspeople and agricultural interest groups and professional organizations of researchers, media representatives and the public.


  • New challenges of OA
  • Main barriers and opportunities for development of OA
  • Cooperation in research and consulting
  • Good practice examples
  • Organic farming and its production potential

Speakers presented new information and experiences with the functioning of organic farming in various countries and further specific examples of regional projects of OA, successful projects in practice and information about regional and cross-border cooperation. Another theme was research into organic farming in Central and Eastern Europe. Main goal of the Biosummit conference was to provide to the public either personally or through the media the new developments in the organic farming in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Invited speakers:
Urs Niggli (FiBL), Toralf Richter (FiBL), Marco Schlüter (Expert in organic agriculture), Josef Wetzstein (Bioland Bayern), Jan Plagge (Bioland), Andreas Kranzler (FiBL Austria), Oleksander Yushchenko (Galeks Agro), Michal Rzytki (Minisrty of Agriculture and Rural Development of Poland), Dora Drexler (ÖMKi Hungary), Richard Medal, Klaudia Medalová (both, Anamarija Slabe (ISD), Merit Mikk (EOFF), Ryszard Czerwiński, Urszula Bogusiewicz, Urszula Kozaczuk (all LSAAC Wroclaw), Thomas Rech (BMLFUW Austria), etc.

Organizing Committee: Jiří Urban, Andrea Hrabalová, Ctirad Hemelík, Gabriela Kolářová

Organizers and partners:
Felicius o.p.s., ÚKZÚZ, CTPOA, FiBL, Ministry of Agriculture of Czech Republic, Agro Sub-Fund RSJ

In negotiations: PRO-BIO Association of organic farming, IFOAM EU, Bioland Bayern, LSAAC Wroclaw,  Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Poland,, LFL Bavaria, Austria Bioforschung, International Visegrad Fund, ÖMKi Hungary


Organizational Issues:

Expert guarantors of the project:

Address: Felicius o.p.s., Za Kovárnou 422/19, 109 00, Prague 10, Czech Republic

Download the program of the event (432.8 KB)