Inauguration of the 1st Organic cheese processing unit in Western Ukraine at the Staryi Porytsk, Ltd

Inauguration of the 1st Organic cheese processing unit in Western Ukraine at the Staryi Porytsk, Ltd


On July 28, 2016 in Staryi Porytsk village, Ivanychi district, Volyn region the Inauguration of the 1st Organic cheese processing unit in Western Ukraine at the Staryi Porytsk, LLC took place. On this occasion, Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), organic producer "Staryi Porytsk", Public Union of Certified Organic Producers "Organic Ukraine", certification body "Organic Standard" organized a press tour for media representatives. During the press tour all the participants had an opportunity to visit the enterprise Staryi Porytsk, LLC in Volyn region which is a producer and processor of organic dairy certified products, and  take part in the Inauguration of the organic cheese processing unit.

Purpose of the event – to familiarize media representatives, representatives of state authorities and other guests with the particularities of the production, processing and sales issues of organic dairy products, organize a long-term cooperation between the organic stakeholders, media and state authorities in order to popularize organic in Ukraine and increase awareness on organic.

Within the framework of this organic press tour different reports on Ukrainian organic dairy market were presented, the particularities of organic dairy production were discussed, the media representatives got a good opportunity to have individual interviews with the key experts on organic production, processing, retail and certification. Special attention was paid to the specifics of organic production "from the field to the table" on the basis of small and medium enterprises of organic market agricultural sector in Ukraine. 

All the participants got an opportunity to enjoy organic catering containing dishes cooked with organic ingredients produced by the following domestic organic producers: Staryi Porytsk, LLC, Volyn region (fresh unprocessed cow milk, "Brynza" cheese 40% fat, "Staroporytskyi" hard cheese), Filvarok-KZ, FE, Lviv region ("Drohobytska", "Lvivska", "Prykarpatska" sausages), Khlibio trade, Ltd, Odesa region (oatmeal biscuit, shortbread biscuit with sunflower seeds, сornmeal biscuit, biscuit with walnut and salt crunch biscuit "Khrumtyky" with walnuts), Zolotyi Parmen, FE, Chernihiv region (apple juice, apple and carrot juice, apple and black currant juice, apple and pumpkin juice), Grandwest LTD, Ltd, Chernivtsi region (birch sap).

At the end of the event, all the participants had a unique chance to participate in a degustation of the products produced at the organic cheese processing unit Staryi Porytsk, LLC, and also to evaluate the taste of those products. The following products for degustation were provided:  butter 80% fat, "Mozzarella" hard cheese 45% fat, "Sulugunі" hard cheese 40% fat, "Ricotta" non-fat cheese, "Brynza" cheese 40% fat, "Staroporytskyi" hard cheese 30% fat, "Shveitsariia" hard cheese fat 50% fat. Аccording to the results of the evaluation sheets, the strongest votes were in favor of "Shveitsariia" hard cheese.

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