Training "Organic agricultural technologies for sustainable profit"

Training "Organic agricultural technologies for sustainable profit"


On 16-17 April, 2016 in Kyiv took place the training "Organic agricultural technologies for sustainable profit".

Organizers: certification body "Organic Standard" and Public Union "Organic Ukraine"

Subject: Field crops

The program consisted of 3 modules:

  1. Planning of organic crops
  2. Plants and soil nutrition
  3. Control of weediness, pests and diseases

This training was for:

  • Organic producers and farmers
  • Agroholdings
  • Agronomists and farms
  • Farmers - beginners

The training gave an opportunity for participants to:

  • Become an expert in agricultural technologies
  • Reduce time and costs
  • Optimize budget and circulation
  • Increase crop yield and profits

Program of the training (in Ukrainian)

Organic agricultural technologies allow you to optimize costs and increase productivity!

10 of speakers - leading experts in the organic farming sector and agricultural technologies:

  • Sergiy Galashevskyi
  • Iskander Bikbaiev
  • Vitaly Lohov
  • Serhii Vyhera
  • Ivan Havran
  • Serhii Galushka
  • Victor Kyrychok
  • Oleksii Kachkovskyi
  • Victor Shcherbachuk
  • Hryhorii Bohach

Contact:  (067) 103 9694, (050) 944 1242, (073) 104 9446, 

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