23rd Annual Charity Christmas Embassy Bazaar

23rd Annual Charity Bazaar


December 5, 2015 the 23rd Annual Charity Christmas Embassy Bazaartook place at the Olimpiiskyi NSC in Kyiv, where the participants were more than 40 embassies and other international missions. A large cultural program, children's workshops, national dishes of 40 countries, the second hand fair which was transferred from embassies - is everything that created a unique atmosphere of this year fair. 

Organic Ukraine, Green Dossier, Organic Standard, QueS, organic producers, representatives of the Swiss-Ukrainian project "Organic market development in Ukraine" presented at the stand of the Swiss Confederation the ORGANIC TREE what was full of range of the following organic products: milk, kefir, yogurt, sour cream, "Selianske" butter, "Nizsni" sausages and "Fermerski" sausages, "Firmova" sausage and sausages "With cream" under the TM EtnoProdukt; "Extra" oil, cream, "Brynza" cheese, cottage cheese, milk, fermented baked milk, sour cream under the TM O, LLC Organic Milk; sunflower oil, "Creamy" and "Special" oatmeal, rye and wheat flour, semolina, wheat, buckwheat, beans, TM Ekorod; apples and eggs, TM Bio Svit; buckwheat, pearl barley, corn, wheat, peas, rice, TM Zhmenka; oatmeal, oat flour, oat flakes, TM Kozub Produkt; blueberry and cranberry paste TM LiQberry; honey TM Natur Boutique; rye, wheat bran, rye with sunflower seeds, wheat-rye bread, oat biscuits with sunflower seeds, corn biscuits, shortbread biscuits with sunflower seeds TM Hlibio; apple juice and elderberry juice TM Pan Eko; birch sap TM Spring Drops

At the stand of the Swiss Confederation the visitors could also taste and estimate the high quality and the excellent taste of the Carpathians products under the TM Taste the Ukrainian Carpathians, in particular apple and elderberry juice TM Pan Eko, birch sap TM Spring Drops, goat milk cheese and sausages from eco-farm "Zelenyi Hai" and "Selyskyi" cheese from Selyska Cheese Factory

It is important to notice that not just adults had fun at the bazaar eagerly buying up all sorts of presented trinkets and tasting traditional dishes of different countries, but also their children did not get bored. While the adults were completely busy with the bargaining, their kids could spend time with great pleasure in the game corner playing exciting games, taking part in competitions and tasting delicious and healthy presents. Among all competitions children took part in there was one, what they liked the most and it was “Color your own organic hero”. The age of all participants varied from 2 to 10 years. Kids zealously chose the brightest colors of the pencils to become the best in coloring their cartoon characters and to show off with a successful picture to their parents and all other people. And the winner of this competition was each participant, because a good mood, positive emotions and smiles are the greatest victory. All the visitors of the bazaar had an opportunity to evaluate the talent of young artists at a mini-exhibition of the works of "Color your own organic hero" competition. You also can see the artistic skills of the participants by downloading their coloring pages copy (download coloring pages (11.0 MB)). We would like to express sincere gratitude to Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar, Warner Bros. etc. for their great cartoon characters that are so loved by the children. However, other competitions on organic did not have the lack of children’s attention. Kids could also compete in such contests as “I drink organic yoghurt and win the tug of war”, “Bring an organic egg without dropping it” etc. Furthermore, by modeling plasticine fruits and vegetables that are allegedly full of “chemicals” children managed to learn and show to others the benefits of organic products. All the participants for their efforts were rewarded with tasty and healthy organic juice, apples, biscuits, milk and other organic products.

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Organiser: International Women’s Club of Kyiv, IWCK

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