Post Release: ORGANIC PRESS TOUR 15 August, 2015



On August 15, 2015 an organic press tour for media representatives took place. During the event the participants could visit enterprises of Zhytomyr region that work in organic production and processing and also places where these products are being sold.

The purpose of the press tour was to acquaint media with the peculiarities of organic production, processing and distribution in Ukraine and to initiate a long-term cooperation between the project “Organic market development in Ukraine” and the media in order to promote the organic movement in Ukraine and to improve the general public knowledge of organic.

The event started from visit to the supermarket Le Silpo, where the manager of the shop, Halyna Dreit acquainted journalists with the variety of organic products. the head of the board  of the Association of Producers of organic certified products, Olena Berezovska, and the quality manager of the certification body “Organic Standard”, Olga Shevtsova, told about particularities of positioning and branding of organic products.

The next step of the program was a visit to "Maison Blanche" ecohouse and shop of natural and organic products Natur Boutique. Here media representatives were able to see how organic products are used in the hotel and restaurant management, to eat an organic breakfast prepared from organic ingredients and also had a chance to buy organic goods in a specialized shop.

After that the participants of the press tour visited "Galeks-Agro", PС, an organic farm in the village of Horodyshche,Volyn district in Zhytomyr region, where they saw the work process of the farm, the living conditions for Simmental cattle (used for meat and dairy) and also visited milking halls.

Then the tour continued to the enterprise of Organic Milk LTD that specializes in organic dairy production using its own raw materials. At the enterprise the organic dairy production cycle was demonstrated and also a degustation of the entire dairy product line was organized for the organic press tour participants. In addition the press conference for journalists on organic dairy production and domestic organic market development was held. During the press conference Oleksandr Yushchenko, the general director of "Galeks-Agro", PС, Olena Stretovych, the director of "Organic Milk" LTD, Olena Berezovska, the head of the Board of the Association ofProducers of organic certified products, Olga Shevtsova, a representative of the certification body "Organic Standard", Ruslan Bilyk, facilitator dairy of the Swiss-Ukrainian project “Organic market development in Ukraine”, (FiBL) were answering to the journalists’ questions.

Furthermore, during the buffet time the media representatives were able to taste dishes cooked with organic products of domestic organic producers.

The event took place in the framework of the Swiss-Ukrainian project “Organic market development in Ukraine” funded by the Swiss Confederation through the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and implemented by the Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Switzerland).

The press tour program in Ukrainian is attached