Launching of the new Swiss Cooperation Strategy for Ukraine 2015-2018


On July 9, 2015 the Swiss Cooperation Office in Ukraine launched the new Swiss Cooperation Strategy for Ukraine 2015-2018 (

In the domain of financial and economic sustainability, thanks to Swiss support, the business-enabling environment improved considerably, a new law on insolvency, which improves the regulatory framework, was approved, important reforms were supported with regards to streamlining the system of permits and licences in the agricultural sector over the period of Swiss Cooperation Strategy for Ukraine for 2011 – 2014. The results achieved in the agricultural sector are particularly promising, as agriculture is one of the few economic sectors which has grown steadily over the last few years and has the potential for attracting international investment. Thanks to comprehensive capacity building measures, Ukrainian producers were able to expand into new markets. Particularly, the export market for organic products is growing rapidly, and the inno¬vative approach of a regional trademark has been successfully introduced in the Carpathian region of Ukraine.

Among strategic orientations and priorities for 2015–2018 such as governance and peacebuilding, health, sustainable energy management and urban development activities in the area of sustainable economic development the private sector, and in particular SMEs, will be further strengthened through improved capacities, access to finance and a wider market outreach. Interventions to enhance the market outreach of agrarian SMEs may include strengthening the competitiveness of the latter through certified organic production, promoting exports through the definition and use of new standards as well as supporting market access via participation in international fairs.

One of the indicators of Swiss portfolio outcomes is increasing sales volumes of certified organic products on the internal market. Development of organic SMEs and support of competitive organic certification services should contribute to sustainable growth in the agricultural sector.

The strategy provides several lines of interventions, particularly support provided to agrarian SMEs in facilitating access to international markets (food quality standards and private voluntary sustainability standards, support of organic agriculture, provision of matchmaking services).

The information about other domains of Swiss Cooperation Strategy for Ukraine is available in full version of the Swiss Cooperation Strategy for Ukraine 2015-2018.