The “Organic School” offers 9 courses on organic crops production

Ukrainian farmers, fertilizers manufacturers, consultants and researchers interested in further advancing in the organic production are invited to visit 9 courses of the “Organic School”, started in Ukraine by the international certification body "Organic Standard" as a part of the Swiss-Ukrainian project “Organic Market Development in Ukraine" (2012-2016), implemented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Switzerland) and funded by the Swiss Confederation through the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).


"The demand for the Ukrainian organic products is growing in the world. Despite the difficult situation in our country, domestic organic production has very good prospects in the international market. In our opinion, this is due to both relatively low cost of production and the new opportunities arising from Ukraine getting closer to the EU, and greater interest in the Ukrainian products in general. By the “Organic School” we would like to provide those who already works or plans to start in the organic sector with knowledge, skills and experiences and develop their self-confidence. We wish the “Organic School” students a real success and inspiration to become the leaders of the organic sector!" — said Sergiy Galashevskyy, General Manager of Organic Standard certification body.

The program of the “Organic School” includes such modules:

  • Course 1 — Introduction into Organic
  • Course 2 — Organic Crop Planning
  • Course 3 — Organic Cereal Crop Production
  • Course 4 — Organic Leguminous Crop Production
  • Course 5 — Organic Oil Crop Production
  • Course 6 — Organic Soil and Plant Nutrition
  • Course 7 — Organic Weed and Pest Control
  • Course 8 — Quality Postharvest Handling
  • Course 9 — Organic Marketing 

The main courses of the “Organic School” will be held in various cities of Ukraine for small groups of participants (20-25 attendees) with the duration of each course of 1-2 days (usually 1 day). Students will receive handouts and certificates of participation in the “Organic School”.

The first pilot course of the “Organic School” was held free of charge on March, 10th, 2015 in Zhytomyr, the next one planned is in Poltava (April, 7th, 2015). The speakers of the first module are Sergiy Galashevskyy, General Manager of Organic Standard certification body, and Jiri Urban, FiBL advisor on political dialogue and the Czech state inspection on organic agriculture "Central Institute for Supervision and Inspection in agriculture” (ÚKZÚZ) representative, Czech Republic.