Ukrainian organic products are ready for export

On March, 19, 2015 Kyiv hosted Organic Crop Conference-2015 mainly devoted to the practical aspects of high quality organic crops production. About 150 participants, mostly agrarians, had an opportunity to learn from the leading international and local experts current trends and peculiarities of the organic farming, share their experience and check out new hand-on editions.

Organic Crop Conference-2015


A wide range of issues included such topics as transition period in the organic crop production, preparation and selection of seeds for sowing, selection of high-gluten wheat, pests control, using harrow weeder against weeds, comparison of economic figures in weed control of the soybean crops under intensive and organic production.

"Ukraine has a huge potential in the organic crop production. According to the Federation of organic movement of Ukraine, the country ranks 11th in Europe by the certified organic land areas (393 400 hectares). We see that the level of interest and awareness of the local organic crop production is constantly getting higher. Active involvement of the researchers and producers in sharing their experiences in  organic technologies is also worth to mention as useful for all market participants", - said Toralf Richter, Sector Expert Arable Crops (FiBL, Switzerland).

The event covered very practical issues. For example, Hansueli Dirauer, Leading Consultant (FiBL, Switzerland), presented some reviews of minimum tillage practices and mixed crops in the organic crop production. Another FiBL (Switzerland) video provided details of the new possibilities of stubble processing in the organic farming (link to YouTube). Organic Standard certification body presented the first Ukrainian printed edition of the Ukrainian crop-protection agents and fertilizers list for the organic production, and FiBL (Ukraine) presented a number of booklets on technical issues in corn and soybeans organic production.

"The feedbacks from the previous events conducted by Organic Standard (workshops, conferences, Organic school etc.) shows that the organic market players appreciate possibilities to meet and talk about topics they all face. This time, for example, special attention was paid to pests (in particular, chinch bug) control and fertilizers usage. We work to provide maximum knowledge and experience in organic production in Ukraine and invite all who is interested in further development in this sphere to join us" - said Sergiy Galashevskyy, General Manager of Organic Standard certification body.

The event was organized by Organic Standard certification body and the Swiss-Ukrainian Cooperation Project "Organic Market Development in Ukraine" (2012-2016), funded by the Swiss Confederation through the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and implemented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Switzerland).