Ukraine country pavilion at the international organic trade fair Biofach 2015 (Nuremberg, Germany. Hall 5, booth 5-151)

The fertile black soils of Ukraine are famous and provide perfect conditions for organic farming. At Biofach 2015 in Nuremberg (Germany), 11-14 February, we offer you an interesting opportunity of getting more acquainted with the rapidly growing organic sector of Ukraine and explore new business opportunities.

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Ukrainian country pavillion (Hall 5, booth 5-151)

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Ukrainian exhibiting companies

Coordinators of the Ukrainian country pavilion

Coordinators of the Ukrainian country pavilion Two projects that support the Ukrainian country pavilion at BioFach-2015


After the successful presence at the BioFach-2014, where the Ukraine country pavilion sparked much general interest with its potential to meet much of the growing global demand for organic products, Ukraine will have for the second time its own country pavilion at the Biofach.

Nine exhibiting companies present organic products for which Ukraine has excellent conditions: cereals, oil crops, pulses, sunflower seeds and oil, wild and cultivated berries as well as new innovative products; and services for organic market. They are:

  • Agrofirma "Pole", LTD, Cherkasy region ( hulled millet, millet shells, millet flour, durum wheat flour, durum wheat husks, durum wheat, rapeseed, sunflower, oat;
  • Galeks-Agro, PE, Zhytomyr region ( spelt (so called dinkel wheat), winter wheat, oat, rye, barley, buckwheat, millet, soya, maize, honey; 
  • Ethnoproduct, PrJSC, Chernigiv region  ( spelt wheat, lupine, vetch, oat, raw cow milk, processed milk (pasteurised)/milk products including Kefir, sour cream, yoghurt, cream, butter, raw material (veal), processed meat products (semifinished veal, minced veal), sausages;
  • Firma "Casper", LTD, Odesa region ( sunflower oil, hight oleic sunflower oil, flax oil, raoeseed oil, pumpkin oil, mustard oil, sunflower cake, flax cake, mustard cake, rapeseedcake, pumpkin cake;
  • "Firma DIAMANT LTD", LLC, Poltava region ( whole and cutted oat flakes instant and quick cooking, oat groats, oat flour, oatmeal, wheat flakes, wheat groats, wheat flour, buckwheat flakes, buckwheat groats, buckwheat flour, buckwheat meal, millet flakes, millet groats, barley flakes, peeled barley flakes, peeled barley groats, pearl barley flakes, pearl barley groats, rye flakes, mixture of flakes (oat, wheat, barley), pasta of durum wheat, corn meal, corn flakes;
  • "Agrolider" Company" LTD, Khmelnytskyi region ( mustard, millet, hulled millet, flax, soya, kidney bean;
  • LiQberry, TM, Kyiv region ( blueberry paste, cranberry paste, red bilberry (cowberry) paste;
  • Rivneholod, ALC, Rivne region ( blueberry, cranberry, blackberry, lingonberry, elderberry, aronia;
  • Organic Standard, LTD (, inspection and certification services in Ukraine and Belarus according organic standards (e. g. Standard Equivalent to Council Regulation (EC) 834/2007 and Commission Regulation (EC) 889/2008, Bio Suisse).

The Organisation of the Ukraine country pavilion is funded by abovementioned exhibitors and international projects:

The Coordination of the Ukraine country pavilion is done by Consortium constisting from Ques consultancy body, Information centre “Green Dossier” and Organic Standard certification body.

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  • In case you want to fix a business meeting with one of the exhibitor, please contact the responsible person from the Coordinator of Ukraine country pavilion – Ksenia Gladchenko (info(at)
  • In case of questions regarding the Ukraine country pavilion, please contact the leader of the Swiss–Ukrainian project «Organic market development in Ukraine» Tobias Eisenring (tobias.eisenring(at)