On July 22, 2014 a round table “Study of organic production possibilities in Kotelva district” took place at Agrofirm Mayak LLC

Venue of the event: Kotelva urban-type settlement, Poltava region, Ukraine.

Round table. Photo: FiBL UA

Field day. Photo: FiBL UA

Cowshed. Photo: FiBL UA


The event was held in the framework of the Swiss-Ukrainian project “Organic market development in Ukraine” (2012-2016).

The aim of the round table was to inform its participants on opportunities of organic production, national food security provision and Ukrainian organic products promotion to international markets.

The event participants were representatives of agricultural companies Agrofirm Mayak LLC, Skif JLLC, Druzhba AC, Agroekologiia PC, Myr FE, Kovpakivets private agricultural company, Center of natural agriculture PO, as well as representatives of Kotelva district state administration, Poltava state agrarian academy and mass-media.

Founder of Agrofirm Mayak LLC Tetiana Korost and facilitator arable crops of the project “Organic market development in Ukraine” Anatoliy Kravchenko addressed the participants with introductory words.

Also Tetiana Korost reported on opportunities of the organic production development in Kotelva district of Poltava region and prospects of certification of Ukrainian companies according to EU requirements to organic production.
Sector expert arable crops of the project Toralf Richter spoke on the world organic market trends, as well as on the new international project “Organic soy project In Eastern Europe”, aimed at the development of organic soy production in the region and soy exports to the European market.

Expert of the Research institute of organic agriculture (FiBL, Switzerland) Martin Lichtenhahn delivered a report on principles of organic production and key requirements of European Union and Swiss Confederation organic standards. He spoke in detail on special features of organic soy production.

Facilitator dairy of the project “Organic market development in Ukraine” Ruslan Bilyk informed the participants on the requirements to organic animal husbandry, as well as requirements of food legislation related to milk quality in Ukraine and European Union countries.

The next day, on July 23, 2014, a Field day took place on the basis of Agrofirm Mayak LLC. Visiting the company fields, representatives of Ukrainian agricultural companies planning to launch organic production had an opportunity to receive valuable information from foreign and Ukrainian experts on making a transition to organic farming and on special features of modern production methods usage.

  • Program of the round-table conference (in Ukrainian)
  • Pictures
  • Video on the event (Ltava TV-channel, Poltava regional state TV and radio company; 25.07.2014)