Invitation to tender: Facilitating Organic Exports to the EU and Switzerland

The demand for organic products continues to grow fast in Europe. In Western and central Europe, special strong growth rates relate to organic feed and food ingredients. This provides growing opportunities for countries with excellent organic production conditions, such as Ukraine.

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Yet, many importing companies from Western and Central Europe are still hesitating to engage in partnerships with Ukrainian producers. They essentially lack experience and trustworthy contacts to start business with Ukrainian producers. To change this situation, the Swiss Ukrainian Organic Market Development Project is now seeking to involve a capable Ukrainian service provider to facilitate exports of organic arable crops to the EU and Switzerland with different high quality services. The project will be supporting this work for almost 2 years, but it is expected that the applicant will be in the position to offer these services also in the future, without the project’s funding.


  1. To develop a concept / qualitative business plan to position and promote the supported services (including strategy how to sustain the developed services beyond the project period).
  2. To create, run, and promote an online organic trade platform for arable crops that links international buyers with Ukrainian crop producers.
  3. To conduct training workshops and/or seminars for Ukrainian producers / potential exporters of organic arable crops.
  4. To elaborate a monthly price information report sharing and analysing international reference prices of different organic crops.

Target groups

  • Current and future producers and exporters of organic arable crops.
  • Interested companies in establishing long-lasting trade partnerships with Ukrainian organic arable crop producers.


  • English

Project support

  • The project’s support targets the coverage of the costs to implement all concrete activities proposed in respect to the tasks mentioned above. Yet, the project expects that the proposed activities complement other activities that are implemented by the applicant, which are financed by other means.


  • Deadline to submit proposal: August 15, 2014
  • Assignment, to implement activities: September 1 2014 until April 30 2016

Evaluation Criteria

The following evaluation criteria will be applied to assess each proposal. The proposal that promises the best impact-cost ratio will be selected.

  • Sound concept for an online organic trade platform for arable crops and price information system
  • Relevance and impact potential of all suggested activities (to be financed by the project)
  • Co-financing of proposed activities and synergies with other activities implemented by the applicant (i.e. not financed by the project)
  • Expertise of the proposed staff involved
  • Likeliness that the proposed services will also be offered on the long-term (i.e. sustainability of services beyond project support)

Content and structure of the proposal

  • Introduction and expression of interest [max. 0.5 page]
  • Description of proposed activities including a short concept on how the online organic trade platform for arable crops and price information system will be designed and implemented [max. 4 pages]
  • Annex 1    Overview and budget for suggested activities (use annexed table) [max. 3 pages]
  • Annex 2    CVs of main staff to be involved

Contact persons at FiBL in case of questions

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