Invitation to tender: Stall Construction Company for Ukrainian Country Stand at Biofach 2015

FiBL is seeking for a stall construction company that will create a design and construct the Ukrainian country stall at the BioFach 2015. Driven by the interest of Ukrainian organic producers and based on the excellent feedback and success of the 1st Ukrainian country pavilion at BioFach 2014, FiBL supports for a second time the planning and development of the pavilion at BioFach 2015 through the SECO Project Organic Market Development in Ukraine 2012 – 2016.


Concept & Implementation of the 1st Country Pavilion at BioFach 2014

  • Clear branding strategy – to position Ukrainian colors. Open & transparent
  • Space distribution – good balance between company & networking area

Objectives of the Country Pavilion at BioFach 2015

  • Doing Business – to enhance tangible business partnerships, to enhance organic exports
  • Image – to position Ukraine as a large open country, with “big organic opportunities”
  • Capacity Building and Networking – to generate key insights among companies and supporting actors

Values of the Country Pavilion at BioFach 2015

The following values should be perceived and visualized through the pavilion:

  • Transparency / openness
  • Big potential / great possibilities (especially for arable crops)

Note: These values are communicated by stand elements and their setup, and
people involved

Ideas for the Country Pavilion at BioFach 2015

Transparency / openness - design that ensures good visibility of the stand and attracts interest to approach it; i.e. setup that creates an “inviting atmosphere”, to study the stand and exhibited products and get in contact with co-exhibiting companies.

  • good stand design to promote stand visibility (values!) and access
  • optimal use of lights to ensure good visibility of stand and key exhibition items -- pictures, crops, decoration items (e.g. big sunflowers, yellow and blue tissues, dried cereals etc.)

Big potential / great possibilities especially for arable crops - Good visibility of key crops: soya, cereals, sunflower

  • definition of decoration material that enhance visibility of key crops
  • use of lighted glass counters/tubes etc. that expose key crops nicely

Key Issues for the Country Pavilion at BioFach 2015

To enhance interest in the stand and interaction with visitors, the following elements are of great relevance when designing and setting up the stand:

  • To have clearly 1 “integrated stand”, involving different “collaborating companies (co-exhibitors)”
  • To set up a stand that communicates the values mentioned earlier
  • To focus the lights such to catch the attention with key elements of the stand (crops, products, stand decoration etc.)
  • To locate co-exhibitor counters such to get optimal eye contact with visitors
  • To have all persons involved in the stand (i.e. companies, stand coordinators) trained to best communicate the stand’s values and what Ukraine offers (i.e. crops, products)


The main parameters for the stand construction are:

  • Island Stand of 9m * 11m = 99m2 in hall 5 (former space of Hungarian Pavilion, to be confirmed by NürnbergMesse)
  • Space for 12 individual co-exhibitor companies
  • Space for 1 general information/reception desk
  • Space for 1 kitchen
  • Data for visual design will be provided (separate budget)
  • Renting of space and other activities/ services are covered by a separate budget


The offers must include
A graphic idea of how they would plan such country stand:

  • Information on space distribution: Position of co-exhibitors, information/reception desk, kitchen, location of banners, use of decoration material etc.
  • Detailed cost calculation for the services and materials proposed

Deadline for submitting offers: 15.08.2014.

Additional information

Ukrainian Country Pavilion at BioFach 2015. Basic information for stall construction companies (606.1 KB)