Project History

The Organic Market Development in Ukraine Project is the follow up to an earlier SECO project: Organic Agriculture Certification and Market Development 2005 – 2011, Phase I.

The aim of Phase I was to contribute to the growth of the Ukrainian organic sector and its integration within the world trade system.  By giving small and medium-size farmers and other stakeholders in the organic value chain equitable access to new market opportunities it aimed to alleviate poverty – especially in rural areas – where poverty is widespread. Phase I consisted of three components: certification services, market development and policy dialogue and has contributed to the growth of the Ukrainian organic sector. The number of organic operators has increased from 72 in 2005 to 190 in 2012 (Source: Organic Federation of Ukraine and Organic Standard Ltd.) with an additional 40,000 ha of land being certified in this period. The same source estimates that Ukraine now (2012) has 278,800 ha of certified organic land. New market opportunities have been created on the export and domestic markets and premium prices of up to 20-25% (export market) and 40% (domestic market) are being achieved.

An external evaluation (April 2011) confirmed the positive contribution that Phase I has made to promoting the sustainable growth of the organic sector in Ukraine.