Strengthening local service providers

Strengthening local service providers

This component of the project aims to strengthen the capacities of key service providers in order to enhance the overall quality and quantity of commercial services available to the organic sector.

The assistance provided by the project aims to ensure the availability of services needed for the sustainable development of the organic market and of a portfolio of services that will allow consultants and experts within the organic sector to become commercially viable by the end of Phase II. The project focuses on service providers in the fields of quality management, market and information services and organic inspection and certification.

Local service providers working in the field of quality improvement and quality assurance of arable crops and dairy products are being trained by means of specific, demand-oriented and practical training courses and seminars. These courses include training in improving crop quality parameters (such as gluten and moisture content, etc.), post-harvest handling (including the avoidance of insects and pests during storage and the prevention of GM contamination) and awareness raising. The project also fosters networking between local service providers and provides them with technical backstopping.

The project is providing support for the market services needed to ensure the sustainable development of the organic market. These market services will make an important contribution towards the development of the organic market and will also provide business opportunities for service providers.


Thomas Bernet (Switzerland)
Sector Expert Service Provider
+41 062 865 04 32

Tetiana Sigg (Ukraine/Switzerland)
Facilitator Service Provider
+41 076 470 23 32

Oleksandra Hasiuk (Ukraine)
Facilitator Service Provider 
+38 044 278 17 97