Dairy products

Dairy produce

The objective of the dairy component is to increase the quality and volume of organic dairy products from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for the domestic market.

Project support is geared towards developing certified organic dairy value chains, by involving 2-3 strong key actors (leaders) in the dairy sector value chain. The project supports dairy businesses that are based on low-input production systems.

The project aims to strengthen the capacity and skills of leaders, mainly through providing training to their agronomists, veterinary and animal husbandry specialists, as well as to other important actors in the value chain. The capacity building activities involve close cooperation between international experts, national experts and local service providers.

The knowledge of leaders is being shared among other actors in the value chain through shared capacity building events, such as field visits, field days, workshops, etc. Trade shows, conferences, business talks, etc. are being supported by the project to develop a network among the value chain actors and supported entities and to give them insights into the potential development trajectories for their businesses and the sector as a whole. Study tours to Eastern and Western Europe will be organised.

A project Business Development Fund is being created for small-scale interventions to strengthen SMEs in the organic dairy sector and to facilitate the upscaling of project activities.


Regula Bickel (Switzerland)
Dairy Advisor (Processing)
+41 062 865 04 22

Ruslan Bilyk (Ukraine)
Facilitator Dairy
+38 044 278 17 97

Stefan Schürmann (Switzerland)
Sector Expert Dairy
+41 077 401 77 46

Eric Meili (Switzerland)
Dairy Advisor (Production)
+41 55 243 39 39