Arable crops

Arable crops

The objective of the arable crops component is to increase the quality and volume of selected organic arable crops produced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for export.

The project is supporting the development of certified organic arable crop value chains, by involving 2-3 strong key actors (leaders) to act as market openers. The project will prioritise a few, promising, organic arable crops. The approach will foster close partnerships between international traders and Ukrainian partners in order to develop reliable trade relationships.

The project aims to strengthen the capacity and level of collaboration among actors involved in the value chains for the selected certified organic arable crops. It is working with the leaders’ agronomists and consultants and other value chain actors to stimulate overall business development. Knowledge transfer from leaders to other actors is done through field visits, field days, workshops, study tours and specific training sessions.

A Business Development Fund is being created to support small-scale interventions that can assist SMEs in the organic arable crops sector and the upscaling of project activities. Specific promotional events such as product launches, product promotions in shops and supermarkets, etc. will also be funded by the project.

A variety of market services, such as trade shows, conferences, seminars, etc. will be supported by the project to develop a network among the value chain actors and supported entities. Buyer and seller missions to Ukraine and to Western Europe will be organised.

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Sector Expert Arable Crops
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